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Barullo is born from a family with history, those that date back to 1900 where boat trips to the old Continent from the end of the world, made the palate of family ancestors an unprecedented tannin festival.

There by the beginning of 1978 is when he is born, without knowing it that which 30 years later would begin to take the form of what is today BARULLO WINES.

In an unbeatable search for quality, the first cuts of Barullo bloom at more than 900 meters above sea level, at the foot of the Cordon del Plata.

Over the years, our brand, seeking excellence and surprise within the different terroir that our soil allows us to enjoy, is when it begins the development of these high-end wines.

Thus, having selected vineyards, together with winemakers, engineers and first-rate consultants, the growth of our wines began, expressing many feelings, accompanied by aromas that life brought us.

Barullo, arrived with the energy of a star, which will always shine everywhere where one of its bottles appears. The difficult thing is to make everyday things easy.

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Alta gama

  1. IV Centenario 2015:


  1. Cabernet Franc Reserva 2014:
  2. Cabernet Franc Reserve 2016:
  3. Blend Selection Reserva 2014:
  1. GEOGRAPHYLocated in the Tunuyán vineyard, Valle de Uco, and Finca Alcuchú, Maipú, Mendoza. The grapes come from the best plots of our farm 1000 meters from the winery.

  2. CLIMATETerroir with a cold, arid climate with a tendency to temperate. The prevailing winds are those from the west and southwest to which the Zonda wind is added.

  3. SOILLoamy to sandy-loam soil.